Lighting Council Australia – SSL Quality Scheme Label

lighting-council-australia-logo-100The Lighting Council of Australia has in place a SSL Quality Scheme (SSL means Solid State Lighting technology or LED technology) Their Scheme reviews Lighting supplier LED luminaire performance documentation – if deemed to satisfy, the Scheme’s requirements authorises use of a special label for a period of three years. The label is issued by the Lighting Council and confirms luminaire performance parameters. The scheme is available to Lighting Council of Australia members and is based on the ‘LED Lighting Facts’ program introduced by the US Department of Energy in conjunction with the US lighting industry.

The scheme enables a lighting supplier to submit details of luminaire performance documentation  for review by the Lighting Council. In order to receive a Lighting Council SSL label applicants must submit:

  1. US Department of Energy certification document and lighting product data-sheet. OR
  2. UK Energy Savings Trust certification document and lighting product data-sheet. OR
  3. LM79 photometric report from a NATA accredited laboratory with the following supporting documents;
    • LED supplier data sheet and binning document (outlining bin range used)
    • Driver supplier data sheet with certificate of compliance


Easily find Lights with the SSL Quality Scheme label

LightSeeker™ makes available to site visitors the ability to find lights that have the Lighting Council’s SSL Quality Scheme label. You can filter our search criteria to display details of which LED lights have the SSL Quality Scheme label. Simply set the filter called ‘SSL Quality Scheme” to ‘Yes’ located any light search page – and then click the search button.

For example THIS LINK takes you to all the Recessed Downlights that have the SSL Quality Scheme label.

SSL Quality Scheme Australia search filter