2016 Greenwire Star™ Award

Most Efficient Room Lighting Design for Open Plan Office

using LED Tbar 1200×300 @ 2.7m AFL

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A wide variety of the most popular LED 1200×300 T-bar troffers available within the Australian lighting Industry were independently analysed by energy efficiency engineers at Green Wire Consulting. All T-bar Troffers were tested in an open office scenario with multiple grid spacings simulated using lighting level calculations performed by DIALux 4.13.


  • Only luminaires with verified NATA certified photometrics NATA Certified photometricswere considered as part of this award.
  • Only luminaries achieving lighting designs of UGR<=19 Glare Index – complying with  Australia Standard logoAS1680 are accepted.

We reviewed many luminaries & associated lighting designs – but were disappointed to find that many could not meet the basic criteria of low glare & trustworthy photometrics(IES-files).

This award is unbiased & is based strictly upon merit & technical performance only.

The most energy efficient room lighting design solution for this category has been given the 2016 Greenwire Star™ Open Plan Office Award as follows:

2016 Greenwire Star Open Plan Office Award LED Tbar 1200x300 2.7m

The Winner is:

Ombre GRID LED by Australume



Award Details:

Award name:   MOST EFFICIENT – LED 1200 x 300 Troffer
Class:   Open Plan Office – 2.7m AFL
Award year:   2016
Award ref no:   16-C1AA
Awarded by:   Green Wire Consulting – Energy Efficiency Engineers
Award date:   30 Oct 2016
Ceiling type:   Exposed T-bar 1.2×0.6 grid
VIEW the “Ombre Grid LED”


Lighting Design Parameters:

Ceiling height: 2.7 m
Mounting height: 2.7 m
Reflectances: C70 W50 F20
Light Loss Factor: 0.8
Wall perimeter exclusion zone: 1 m
Ceiling type: T-bar tiled grid
Lighting software: DIALux 4.12
No: lights in open-plan office: 64
Size of open office: 21.6m x 19.2m

AS1680 Lighting Design Requirements:

Room Uniformity: 0.5 or higher
Glare Index: UGR 19 or less
Luminaire Photometrics by: NATA Certified laboratory

Lighting design conditions & software simulation parameters reviewed by James Graham from:
LuxPlot Logo



Greenwire Star™ Rating
Lighting Supplier NATA Certified
IES file
Luminaire Model & Catalogue     no: Image Light
Grid      Spacings Watts /m2 Watts /m2/ 100lux Avg. maint lux Uni-formity AS1680 UGR Glare compliant Polar Curve Diagram Lighting Design DIALux Calc PDF
5 Starsroom-lighting-design-energy-efficiency-greenwire-star-rating-5stars Australume-lighting-logo Nata certified green tick Ombre GRID LED – OMG32002l australume-ombre-led-grid-linear-tbar-troffer 21.3 W 112.7 lm/W 2.4m x 2.7m
(4 tiles)
3.29 1.01 327 lux 0.84 18glare index green tick Polar-curve-eagle-lighting-multifive-led-4k-1200x300 VIEW Details pdf-icon-50

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What is a Greenwire Star Award?

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Lighting Suppliers !

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